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I have expertise in holistic medicine and natural health, with extensive knowledge in the areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, flower essence therapy (Bach and Bush Flowers), Iridology, Chromopuncture and other natural techniques aimed at restoring body and mind.

As a Naturopath I help people choosing to restore a state of general well-being thanks to natural remedies, dietary advice, manual techniques (treatments and massages).

My passion for everything related to natural medicine, well-being and healing techniques dates back to childhood where I spent hours reading about the remedies recommended by the family homeopath and I always asked many questions. I’ve always loved research but especially when aimed at finding practical and innovative solutions to help people get better.

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holistic medicine/naturopathy consultations

Consultations aimed to restore client's wellbeing at 360 degrees, increase their vital energy as well as improve the quality of their life in general.
duration: 90 minutes
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relationship reading possible

human design reading

It is an amazing tool to develop more self awareness, self acceptance, emotional balance and make better decisions to live more in the flow (with less stress and worries) and ultimately improve our relationships with others and with ourselves.
duration: 90 minutes
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iridology consultations

Iridology is an alternative medicine technique which helps determine a person’s overall well-being through the analysis of colors, patterns, signs as well as the individual’s energy baseline and the body’s reactivity and response towards stressors, disease and emotional factors.
duration: 60 minutes
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tarot reading

In this session I will utilize the tarot's guidance to help client's finding clarity within a specific situation as well as guide them towards the best course of action in order to achieve a certain goal or to make a decision they are struggling with.
duration: 60 to 90 minutes.
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theta healing

The theta healing modality is a healing modality created by Vianna Stibal which utilizes a meditation to get into a theta brain wave during which it is possible to clear limiting beliefs, relieve stress and anxiety, re balance our chakras and live in a happier state as well as manifest our heart's desires and gain more clarity.
duration: 60 minutes
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Bach flowers consultation

Each flower remedy holds the frequency of a certain emotion and when taken helps to restore balance within our body, mind and spirit. During the consultation we will go through the client’s current emotional and mental state and we will identify which flower essences can help them to restore balance within them.
Duration: 60 minutes
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